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A Glance - KATC

The rejuvenation unit of KATC was established to clear many health hazards that the current synthetic life style of modern man causes. The stress and strain of day to day life is a major factor for many chronic diseases. Lack of exercise, Polluted environment and climatically and unsuitable menu future drains away energy.

The Kerala Ayurvedic Health & Treatment Rejuvenation Program at KATC will drive away all physical suffering, control several dreaded disabilities, ward off the middle age syndrome. Retard the aging process and provide unlimited curative powers for body and mind by repairing the worn out tissues, revitalizing the body, increasing memory power, improving vigour and vitality and make oneself physically and mentally fit.

This is done through a process of cleansing by employing special medicated oil massages, Medicated Steam Bath Dhara Kizhi, Etc.

Wellness Rejuvenation Program available at - KATC

The toxins / free radicals produced by the constant metabolic activities in the body damage the body cells resulting in wear and tear of the body, which is nothing but aging. The process of aging is accelerated by improper life-style, food habits and prolonged stress and strain.

The programs that are offered under this package are aimed at restoring the vigor and vitality of the body by eliminating the toxins and by enhancing the body's immunity through their anti - oxidant & prophylactic properties. The package includes the various Rejuvenation therapies, such as Kayaseka, Sirodhara, Abyanga, Synchronised Massage, Medicated Steambath, Njavarakkizhi, etc. Based on the constitution and requirements of the individual, the physician may advise a combination of Panchakarma along with other rejuvenation therapies. Panchakarma administered before rejuvenation treatments detoxifies and clears all the channels in the body, makes them more receptive to the Rejuvenative / Rasayana medicines administered thereafter.

Rasayanas are immuno - modulating drugs, formulated by Sages of Ancient India. This package is aimed at improving the body's resistance power against diseases. This is usually done after cleansing the body. Rejuvenation alone or in combination with Panchakarma tones up the muscles, strengthens the system, invigorates the body and calms the mind. The medicated herbal oils used in this process improves complexion, imparts a glowing luster to the skin.

Stress Management Program

Modern age is the age of stress and strain. The fast life is exciting as well as over-taxing. The holistic approach of Ayurveda tackles these hazards in its own natural way. It focuses on the impact of the mind on body, and vice versa. Carefully planned programs such as special soothing massages, Pizhichil, Sirodhara, etc., works at the physical level to soothe the aching muscles and tensed nerves. At the same time, individually selected yoga, meditation and Pranayama [breathing exercises] programs calm down the mind and bring back the natural rhythm of the mind and body.

Weight Reduction Program

According to Ayurveda, continuous indulgence in high fat food, fried items, etc., along with sedentary life-style leads to excess accumulation of body fat which gets deposited in the numerous body channels. This condition is associated with irregular appetite, hypertension, diabetes and many other metabolic-disorders. Special programs are included in this package with the purpose to cut down this excess fat, to correct the irregular metabolism and to clear the body channels. Deep dry massage with herbal powders and pastes, synchronized massage with specific oils, steam bath, etc., mobilize the accumulated fat, where as, specially designed diet programs prevent its further accumulation. Practice of specific yoga postures is also advised to reduce body weight. Along with these, appropriate Panchakarma therapies are also advised by the physicians based on the requirements of the individuals.

Detoxification Program

Panchakarma, which includes five major procedures, is meant to purify the whole body by eliminating the accumulated toxins from it. This package includes treatments like Virechana (Purgation), Vamana (Emesis), Snehavasthi (Medicated Oil Enema), Kashayavasti (medicated decoction enema) & Nasya (Nasal Administration). The specialty of this treatment is that it can be administered both in a healthy, as well as the diseased person. When a healthy person subjects himself to Panchakarma, it has a preventive, restorative and rejuvenative effect on the body.

Spine and Joint Care Program

The strength of Ayurveda in the area of spine and joint treatment is globally appreciated. Since it addresses the root cause of the issue the results are fantastic.

'Spine Joint care' programme is a well planned health pack using all the possibilities of Ayurveda & Yoga to treat various spine and joint problems like spondylitis, slip disc, sciatica, osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, spots injury, etc. The therapies like Pathrapotalaswedam, Choornawsedam, Pizhichil, Kadeevasthy, Greevavasthy, Pichu and lepam included in package are directed towards relieving the inflammatory changes, releasing the spasm in the affected area, strengthening the supportive tissues holding the spine/joints, nourishing the joints by improving the circulation.

This programme is also effective as a preventive measure to avoid the possible spine and joint complications in people who had a history of back and neck problems.

Lifestyle Disease Managemnt Program

Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol and associated complications are the main health concerns of the modern age and are called 'Lifestyle Diseases' or 'Diseases of Civilization'.

'Since Ayurveda is the 'Way of Life' it addresses all the problems that come under the category of Lifestyle Diseases with time-tested methodologies.

This package is planned with effective Ayurvedic therapies, herbal internal medicines, Yoga, Pranayama, etc. and directed towards correcting the problems as well as to prevent all the possible complications. After analyzing the basic constitution and the existing health problems of the individual, proper food and lifestyle advises with necessary follow up will be provided.

Beauty Care & Hair Care Program

Beauty is more than skin deep according to Ayurveda. It is the most obvious external manifestation of your overall well being. It is a mirror to your physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Caring and maintaining the beauty that one is born with was one of the first body care initiatives undertaken by civilized humans. We still do. At Aroggya we help you take the initiative in this regard with traditional herbal treatments like medicated Lepam, localized Abyangam and other classical mode of beauty enhancements. Experience the time-tested procedures, which are tailored to modern day requirements, lift you to a new high."This package covers customized procedures for hair care, skin care, etc."

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